Blake Burris

Blake Burris
CEO, Flux IoT
@blakeburris @fluxfarmer

My career has been about organizing new markets and mobilizing community around emerging products. From the Mac, iOS, Facebook platform, Cloud Computing and CleanWeb to mobility and “UrbanTech”, I’ve created national and international communities of customers and developers to take advantage of what’s new and real. My international impact spans more than a dozen countries including India, Israel, China, Russia and throughout Europe.

In 2008, I was the first recipient of Facebook’s fbFund as founder of Dynamo Labs (consumer energy efficiency and IoT). I was a pioneer in promotion and adoption of Facebook Platform (FB DevGarage, 2007/09); iOS (co-founder, iPhoneDevCamp, 2007). At the advent of cloud computing (2008), I led Developer Evangelism at Joyent and earlier was a Product Manager at Intermec for RFID systems.

With DEMOS Helsinki, et al, I co-author of “The Smartup Manifesto” which defines the opportunity at the confluence of big data, sensors, cleanweb, urban tech and the sharing economy. I’ve spoken internationally on topics ranging from cleanweb, sustainability and urban tech to future mobility and connected car.

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