Birju Shah

Birju Shah
Product Design & Development, The Climate Corporation
@realbirju @climatecorp

Birju joined The Climate Corporation in 2015 and leads the product design and development efforts across Climate’s Yield Analysis and Machine Data platform. Prior to joining The Climate Corporation, Birju worked at a large search engine company, where he led several high-¬profile products, including re-thinking traffic and accidents for the maps platform used by over 1 billion users worldwide. Birju has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Business & a B.S in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Northwestern University.

Birju’s main functions at Climate Corporation involve the following:

• Creating analytics from machine data to understand grower’s yield data

• Building the analytics edngine that allows growers, dealers, and retailers to make significant growing decisions that impact the yield of their crops

• Making data collection and visualization frictionless and clean for the growers

In his free time Birju is a mentor for 10 underprivileged high school students trying to enter higher education and on the advisory board of Boeing’s IIT leadership program in Chicago.

Twitter: @realbirju