Arash Amini

Arash Amini, CEO, Farmbox Systems, Inc.

I was a writer before I became absorbed by physics in college. My first life challenge was building my own indoor farming company- it took 5 years and 3 tries but my driver was food security and the dire market need kept me motivated.

While iterating constantly (aka failing), I was helping other companies do what I did for my own: generate business thru digital marketing.

Now I’m a complex-problem solver that uses stories to help companies find their product market-fit.

My next goals are to help companies of increasing size and complexity navigate the seemingly chaotic noise that is “digital marketing.”

To that end, I started spotting patterns while building digital marketing systems for myself and others- every great campaign has 4 aspects.
1) Social Media ads that drive relevant traffic to
2) Helpful Content that includes a
3) Valuable Optin Offer that initiates a
4) Dramatic Sales Email autoresponder that converts.

I liken these steps to the parts of a jet engine, each must be built in response to the need of the “air craft” (aka business) and in proportion to the part before- and after- it.

When this “digital sales engine” is designed properly- companies soar. When designed poorly, the engine doesn’t turn over, stalls, or burns fuel (advertising budgets) too fast.

Now I seek to help businesses, marketers, and job-seekers around the world learn how to see digital marketing as a system- not a bunch of chaos.